Aiolearn’s 2023 Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Competition inProgramming & AI

Aiolearn, a distinguished academy specializing in artificial intelligence and programming skills based in Iran, in collaboration with WIIPA Middle East and the Turkish Investors Association (TUMMIAD), extends a cordial invitation to partake in the esteemed online competitions of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in programming and artificial intelligence. This much-anticipated event will unfold virtually on December 8th, 2023.

Competition Categories:
Ideas: Showcase your innovative concepts.
Challenges: Solve problems with your coding expertise.
Startups: Present your AI-driven business solutions.

Open Participation:
Reflecting a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, the competition welcomes individuals
across all age brackets and academic standings to demonstrate their prowess and vision.

Rich Rewards:
• Official recognition with plaques, medals, and certificates endorsed by Iran
Technology sector.
• Networking opportunities with potential investors and sponsors.
• Exclusive introductions to unicorn startups.
• Monetary awards alongside enriching educational programs.
• Professional guidance on idea implementation.

Industry Verticals:
• Medical & Biotechnology.
• Investment & Finance.
• Education & Pedagogy.
• Management & Leadership.
• Industrial Technologies
• Architecture & Urban Design.
• Arts & Entertainment.
• Fitness & Health.
• Entrepreneurship & SMEs.
• Fashion & Lifestyle.

Competition Timeline:
Registration Opens: November 1st, 2023
Project Submission: November 11th–26th, 2023
Evaluation Phase: November 26th–December 6th, 2023
Winners Announcement: December 8th, 2023
We eagerly await the ingenious contributions that will shape the future of programming and
AI. Join us in this celebration of technological advancement and entrepreneurial spirit.

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