Joining a global association with more than 50 member countries is a  special event for each person. You can take advantage of this special opportunity and be part of a powerful network.
To join the WIIPA regional office and enjoy its benefits, you can apply through the following form. After completing the form, the representative office in your country will contact you to complete the registration. Depending on the volume of requests, the duration of communication with you will be between 2 to 3 weeks. Membership fees will be announced by our agencies in the Middle East.

Membership benefits:

1- special discounts to participate in WIIPA events

2- Participate in international courses for free

3- The possibility of participating in the special award of the year of WIIPA

4- Subscribe to the organization’s newsletter

5- Issuing letters of recommendation for active members to present to the university/schools or ….

6- Consulting services  in the field of commercialization of inventions

7- Consulting services in the field of patents

8- Ability to participate in meetings for active members

9- The possibility of participating in scientific visits

10 – The possibility of participation and cooperation in holding events and seminars

There are three models of the WIIPA membership that individuals can apply based on their needs. For detailed information on each of the memberships, you can download the following file.

Membership entry form