World Invention Intellectual Property associations (WIIPA)

A non-profit global organization. In 2010, it was founded by Mr. Hsieh Hsin-Ming. For a decade, WIIPA has been using Taiwan as its headquarter. At the moment, 50 member countries and partners have joined the “WIIPA Family” with the goal of promoting invention, innovation, and intellectual property rights around the globe. Promoting cooperation between associations, inventors, and enterprises of various countries. Inspiring creativity and innovation of potential inventors both local and international. Meanwhile, strengthening the global application development in the field of intellectual property rights. 


In 2000, Mr. Hsieh Hsin- Ming felt that the main axis of TIPPA is limited to Taiwan. With a vision to gain access in the international stage, he dedicated his time and effort to gather transnational forces to put his vision at work. Fueled with a vibrant ideology, he continued to open doors of opportunities for young and talented inventors to a global level and thrived on gaining international attention for the establishment of WIIPA as a multinational organization.


Since 1993, Mr. Hsieh Hsin- Ming has formed “Taiwan Invention Products Promotion Association (TIPPA)” with many friends from the Taiwanese invention community. He has led many Taiwanese brand groups to participate in international invention exhibitions, covering Southeast Asia and European countries. Successfully, opened up a way for Taiwan’s products to be in line with international standards, and also laid the foundation for the establishment of WIIPA.

The Middle East regional office:

Due to the expansion of the WIIPA, in order to increase unity and focus on new members, it was necessary to establish regional offices.
WIIPA is most active in East Asia, and the Middle East, as a developing region, needs more attention. In this regard, a regional office has been established in Turkey.

In order for regional offices to be able to continue to operate in the best possible way, they must shift their focus away from invention & innovation exhibition and must focus as much as possible on the process of training and providing services to member countries. Also, monitor the activities of member countries, recruit members, and regional policy according to all effective factors.


  1. Provide services such as academic counseling for its members and universities (local and international) on invention-related matters, effective communication, patents, and its related field of intellectual property.
  2. Engage members as well as delegates from foreign universities in seminars, practical training opportunities (both local and abroad) to increase the level of skill and competency of the Association.
  3. Promote mutual visits and reciprocity among member organizations, inventors, and manufacturers to strengthen not only multilateral relations but also cultural ties between member countries.
  4. Raise the level of invention and innovation to international standards and implement stringent measures to protect the inventors’ creation in the field of intellectual property.
  5. Establish educational research, development centers, international forums lectures, conference, etc.


WIIPA upholds the spirit of globalization and extends its vision across the globe. With technology, using a network interface allows a fluid communication pattern for a more innovative exchange of ideas and information among stakeholders. In addition to periodically holding activities, such as international exhibitions and conferences, WIIPA will develop an invention seed teacher training program.

Through this program, we are confident that young and talented inventors will take root from the expertise of cross-disciplinary teachers, nurture and explore the passion in their respective skills.