2023 Kaohsiung International Invention and Design EXPO (KIDE)

It gives us great pleasure and honor to present to you a warm invitation to participate in the 2023 Kaohsiung International Invention and Design EXPO (KIDE). This important event, hosted by the World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA) and Taiwan Invention Products Promotion Association (TIPPA), will take place from November 30 to December 2, 2023, at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (KEC) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Taiwan’s maritime capital, Kaohsiung, is a lively city that blends a rich tapestry of traditional legacy with modern innovation. This quickly changing metropolis is known for its dedication to sustainability and innovation, combining “green” and “eco-friendly” regulations with cutting-edge technology. Kaohsiung, with its perfect balance of natural beauty and cultural richness, has a variety of tourist attractions ranging from gorgeous maritime sceneries to picturesque mountain views.

Furthermore, Kaohsiung is one of Southeast Asia’s premier transportation hubs, with a three-dimensional transportation network that incorporates sea, air, and land links, allowing for simple access and convenience for all of our valued guests.

KIDE, Asia’s largest exposition, provides an excellent venue for inventors to showcase their revolutionary research, exchange novel ideas, and engage in valuable talks with other visionaries. With over 30 countries represented and over 500 entries, KIDE presents an exceptional platform for international collaboration and the sharing of ideas on a worldwide scale.

We are excited to see the unique concepts and inventions that you will offer to KIDE 2023. Your presence and efforts will definitely bring significant value to this global event, propelling the spirit of creativity and innovation forward.

Join us at KIDE 2023 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, for an event full of innovation, interaction, and inspiration. Let us shape the future together with our ideas and inventions. We’re thrilled and can’t wait to meet you in Kaohsiung!
More info: info(at)wiipa.org