2023 China International Youth Expo International Invention Competition

The 2023 China International Youth Expo International Invention Competition is a prestigious global event, organized to bring together young minds from around the world and provide a platform for them to showcase their creative and innovative skills. The event will take place at the Chongqing International Expo Center, a state-of-the-art facility in China that frequently hosts events of this scale.

This competition is a part of the broader China International Youth Expo, a program designed to nurture and promote talent among young individuals across the globe. The Invention Competition aspect is particularly centered on science and technology, encouraging participants to showcase their innovative inventions and breakthrough ideas. This event provides a unique opportunity for young inventors to show their creativity, problem-solving skills, and technological knowledge to a global audience.

What sets the 2023 competition apart is its focus on international participation and the accessibility provided for young inventors from all walks of life. Notably, participation will be free of charge for premium individual members of the World Intellectual Property Invention Association (WIIPA) and with discount for basic member. This move makes the competition more accessible to young inventors worldwide and reinforces the event’s commitment to fostering innovation and creativity across borders.

To take part interested members of WIIPA should fill the below form. This streamlined process allows for efficient handling of participation requests, ensuring a smooth and organized competition experience for all attendees.The best 10 project from each middle east countries will take part.

The 2023 China International Youth Expo International Invention Competition serves as a powerful testament to the global commitment to fostering the next generation of innovators. Its dedication to accessibility and inclusion further cements its reputation as a leading platform for young inventors to showcase their talent and make a mark on the international stage. The opportunity for such inventors to interact, learn, and compete with their peers on a global level is priceless and could undoubtedly act as a springboard for their future careers.

registration deadline: 24 June 2023

  • Separate with commas. Example: Hakan, John
  • Put the Youtube link of 5min Video about your project/invention. [Must be in english]
  • Maximum file size (1MB)