WIIPA Middle East Forges Landmark Cooperation Agreement with Valentura Technology Company, NFT and Special Tokens on the Horizon

The World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA) Middle East office announced a groundbreaking cooperation agreement with Valentura Technology Company. The agreement will see Valentura extend its technical and technological expertise to the WIIPA Middle East office, marking a significant stride in the integration of cutting-edge technology in the realm of intellectual property.

One of the key outcomes of the agreement is the digitalization of the WIIPA Middle East’s recognition system. Participants’ certificates and medals will be converted into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This move capitalizes on the ongoing surge in popularity of NFTs and highlights the significant potential of digital ownership in the 21st century.

Moreover, a unique WIIPA token has been devised by Valentura, further integrating blockchain technology within the operations of WIIPA. These tokens will be awarded to WIIPA members and partners, either as a reward or based on the level of their activity. The specific mechanics and implementation of the WIIPA token will be detailed in subsequent announcements, with observers keenly watching this innovative application of token economy in the intellectual property space.

The cooperation agreement also incorporates plans for a dedicated application designed to host events on the blockchain platform. This move signals a major shift in WIIPA’s event-hosting strategy, providing a unique, secure, and decentralized way for participants to interact and share ideas.

Additionally, Valentura will offer technical support for startups, a much-needed impetus for young and growing enterprises in the region. This collaboration signifies the continued commitment of both WIIPA and Valentura to nurturing and developing talent within the intellectual property and technology industries.

This agreement exemplifies how WIIPA Middle East is navigating the rapidly changing technological landscape, demonstrating a progressive mindset towards adopting and adapting blockchain technology in their operations. With Valentura Technology Company by its side, WIIPA is well-positioned to drive digital transformation in the intellectual property realm, shaping the future of invention and innovation in the Middle East.

In a crucial addition to the agreement, Valentura has also repositioned itself as a venture capital fund. The technology company will be leveraging its vast resources to provide technical, network, and corporate consultancy support to early-stage or technologically advanced inventions and startups.

This significant evolution in Valentura’s role not only broadens the scope of the agreement but also presents a golden opportunity for startups seeking support in their nascent stages. The move is a clear demonstration of Valentura’s commitment to fostering innovation and empowering the next generation of technological leaders.

WIIPA Middle East will serve as a key gateway for startups seeking to avail of Valentura’s support. Interested startups can apply through WIIPA Middle East, presenting a streamlined process for these emerging entities to tap into the extensive resources and expertise of both WIIPA and Valentura.

This combined support from WIIPA and Valentura promises to build a strong foundation for startups, providing them with the necessary tools and guidance to thrive in the increasingly competitive and fast-paced technological landscape. With the backing of these two pioneering organizations, the Middle East’s startup ecosystem is poised for significant growth and innovation.