iCAN 2022 Show Report


The 7th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, iCAN 2022, was held online on August 27th in Toronto, Canada. This was the 3rd year in which the event was held virtually. The competition progressed in two stages: (1) The Preliminaries and (2) The Finals.


The Preliminaries were open for six months (January 15 – July 15), and applicants were required to complete and submit their application forms by email. The Preliminaries were the initial stage for the applicants to qualify for the competition and proceed to the Finals. All applications were reviewed by the Organizing Committee & Jury Members to verify the legitimacy of presented entries (inventions, innovative products, scientific research projects, etc.) and to check if the nature of ideas met the qualification protocols for entering the competition. Once applications pass the initial checks, the ideas are evaluated through word descriptions, images, and/or other external links and media sources.

Through the six months, the Organizing Committee & Jury reviewed a total of 722 applications from 81 countries and qualified 526 applications to proceed to the Finals. The jury examined the written descriptions and visual data provided in the application forms to nominate the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal Winners and proceed further into the Finals.

Any incomplete applications or proposals with unacceptable contents/themes of hazardous means were initially filtered out and disqualified from the Preliminaries. Applicants who failed to maintain consistent email communication with the iCAN Team (Management & Coordination of the Registrar) were also eliminated from the competition roster for holding a long-term incomplete status for their submissions.


Applicants who have fulfilled the essential requirements of the Preliminaries were qualified to proceed to the Finals, where they were asked to submit a video presentation of their nominated innovations for further examination and review by the Jury for the selection process of the Finals Award Winners. The Finals Awards featured the Grand Prize, Semi-Grand Prize, Best Invention Awards (Various Categories), Canadian Special Awards by the host organizations (TISIAS & The Inventors Circle), and International Special Awards sponsored by official delegations allocated in iCAN 2022.

On August 27th, the following contents were uploaded on the official website for iCAN 2022 “The Finals”:

▪ iCAN 2022 “The Finals” Award Winners Announcement (by List)
▪ Keynote Speakers’ Presentations (Howard Lim, Bob Huybrechts, and Mike McFarthing) ▪ iCAN 2022 “The Finals” Movie Showcase
▪ iCAN 2022 Official Catalogue Online

All video files submitted by the Finalists were examined to select the winners of the Finals Awards by the Organizing Committee & Jury and the International Delegation Leaders. The videos were also utilized in creating the iCAN 2022 “The Finals” Movie as mixed footage. This year, the Finals featured 3 Keynote Speakers’ Presentations of their selected topics. The Catalogue provided general and overall information about the event, congratulatory messages by the committee, partners, and international delegations, followed by the directory of exhibits.