Patent Workshop

One of the most important requirements for the successful commercialization of new technologies and their entry into the demand market is to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights and the property rights of innovators and technology companies. The concept of intellectual property as one of the important infrastructures of development has been given special attention in the world for more than a century, and in this regard, numerous treaties and conventions have emerged, all of which are based on the protection of intellectual property, as an Emphasize a very valuable resource for today’s businesses. Failure to pay attention to intellectual property laws, especially the patent system, can cause great damage in domestic and international markets.

The Regional Office for WIIPA in the Middle East has started its activities in this field, taking into account the needs of its members in the field of intellectual property, and in particular international patents.

Targets :

Improving the scientific and technological rank of the countries in the region; Protection of intellectual property of technologists or innovative companies; Generating wealth from intellectual property and creating a market for inventions and earning money from them;

Leading research centers and companies towards recordable innovations in domestic and foreign markets;
Development of human resources specialized in the field of intellectual property;

Training content:

Defining and expressing the importance of intellectual property rights;
Expressing different types of intellectual property rights;
Definition of the invention and its registration conditions;
Explain the process of patent registration and maintenance and related agreements; Reviewing the information on patent documents and teaching how to read it;
Examine patent components and search for them.

*Every topic related to innovation, inventions, creative problem-solving methods, and in general any scientific topic related to our activity is welcomed.