1i1w Challenge+ 2021

1I1W International competitions have added a new section as challenges along with innovation, startup, and design competitions.

The challenges are in the following areas:

• Space
• Internet of Things and smartization
• Agriculture

How to register:

Individuals must register their team through regional agencies to participate in these challenges. You can contact us via email for getting information on regional agencies and their access.
If there is no event agency in your country, it will be possible to register directly.
*Registration deadline: October 1, 2021.
*Inventors who have a wiipa membership card can register directly and for free through the form below.

Competition goals:

We know that participating in a competition and earning awards is exciting enough, but the main purpose of holding this event:

  •   Creating a proper space for cooperation, creativity, and critical thinking
  •   Fostering interest in new scientific topics
  •   Encouraging the growth of researchers, scientists, inventors, and expanding the scientific space for future generations
  •   Encouraging team working and expanding the space of cooperation between participants from different countries
  •   Creating public awareness about some of the problems raised in the challenges We hope to create a useful scientific space to achieve our goals with your help.

    How to submit

    All teams must submit their documentation by November 15, 2021. Submitted documents include the following:

    • Presentation file that contains a maximum of 6 slides.
    • Preparation of a maximum of 3-minute video of your project and send it to us through the youtube service.
    • A 3-page article in which a complete explanation of how to solve the challenge is provided.
    • All the files that you mention in your presentation must be sent to us through the GoogleDrive service.
    • If the judges have a specific question about the project, the participants will be contacted via email in the first stage. If the ambiguities are not resolved, participants will be invited to participate in the online Q&A session.

    – There are no specific restrictions on how to prepare video and presentation files.

    After the initial registration, a link will be sent to submit the documents.

    Membership cardholders click here to register.